GRLevel3 2.xx

Gibson Ridge Software (Shareware)

GRLevel3 is a utility from Gibson Ridge Software designed to present current and accurate weather radar data. This is one of the programs available today that proves quite useful amongst meteorologists and other weather specialists since it has weather forecasting capabilities. Weather information is directly collected from the NWS Radar Product Central Collection Dissemination Service.

GR Level3 is an advanced utility that offers users a wide array of functionalities. For instance, this application has a 124 nm and 248 nm high-speed display that boasts of multi-texturing and other complex graphic techniques. It is also designed for viewing Level III radar data for specific locations in the globe. Users can zoom in and out the area for viewing and monitor relevant weather changes.

This program was created in 2005 and it has since been used for viewing hurricanes and similar large-scale weather phenomena. Today, GRLevel3 can be used in accordance with other instruments for viewing and monitoring weather systems such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, and heavy rains. This program presents users with an intuitive interface. Despite the complexity of the tasks that it is designed to accomplish, it is characterized by user-friendly operations.

This program is written using multithreaded C++ with base Windows APIs. It is intended to function with a high level of efficiency.