Macgamestore (Shareware)

GrimTale offers avid video players a couple of new adventures which include integrated strategy guides, bonus hours of game play, downloadable soundtrack and stunning concept art and wallpapers.

Grim Tale has a new adventure series called Grim Tales: The Bride. This video game has an interesting story line. The bride goes missing on her wedding and no one has a clue what had transpired. There are many assumptions—some grim and others tragic, but there is no body found to confirm the bride’s fate. The player is challenged to investigate the disappearance. In the process, the player has to analyze available clues in order to solve the mystery. Grim Tales: The Bride is essentially a puzzle adventure with numerous hidden objects waiting to be found.

Another Grim Tale adventure for players to explore is entitled Grim Tales: The Stone Queen. This is also a puzzle adventure video game that tells of another intriguing tale. Brandon meets the Stone Queen—a mysterious and angry Queen who is out for revenge. The Stone Queen used to be the protector of the miners who populate that town but things have changed. The player is tasked to discover how and why the Queen became angry, greedy, and vengeful. There are other villains to be faced aside from the Stone Queen, and there are allies to be discovered along the way as well. Hidden objects make this game exciting for even the most seasoned gamers.