Grim Tales: The Legacy 1.0

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Grim Tales: The Legacy is a casual computer game wherein the player must find hidden objects on the game screen. In this game, the player comes to an empty estate where his sister has gone missing. Unknown beasts have attacked the estate, presumably taking the player’s sister. The player must explore a number of levels filled with hidden objects that must be found for the levels and story to progress.

Grim Tales: The Legacy is a game where the main objective is to find the missing objects, which are listed in every level. After an object is found, it is automatically crossed off the list. One item in every list is retained in the player’s inventory. This special item can be used later to solve one of the game’s puzzles. Each location in the game can be explored in any order. There are three difficulty modes. In casual mode, the hint feature can be used with short intervals in between every hint. These hints can be used less in advanced mode. In hardcore mode, there are no hints that can be used. There is the option to change the difficulty mode anytime within the game. A unique feature called the compass lets the player knows which locations have been explored, the current objectives in the current location, and what locations are still unexplored.