Grim Tales: The Bride

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Grim Tales: The Bride is a hidden object mystery game. At the start of the game, the player learns that her sister, Luisa, has disappeared on the day of her wedding. Players will then be helped by a ghost-like figure in solving the mystery of Luisa’s disappearance. Players must locate pictures throughout different locations in the mansion in order to learn more about the story of Luisa and her fiancé Gray’s courtship.

Different items are hidden in each location and users must find all of them in order to unlock objects in the game. Finding items will also help players progress through the storyline. After finding all the items in a location, players will be given an item that will be placed in the inventory. Items placed in the inventory will be helpful in the game. Users who are stuck and do not know what to do next can make use of the Hint button, which is located at the lower left side of the game window. Aside from the hidden object aspect of the game, players will also come across mini games in the form of puzzles. These puzzles start out easy at first, but become more challenging later in the game.