Grim Fandango Launcher

Quick And Easy Software (Freeware)

The Grim Fandango Launcher is an add-on utility to the LucasArts videogame of the same name. This utility functions as a patch that allows users to play the game on newer computer systems, aside from providing additional options not present in the game’s initial release. The game is a cartoon-style dark comedy adventure that features 3D graphics on static backgrounds. Aside from launching the game faster, the patch also clears up a number of bugs that can cause the game to crash. It also generates playability for some parts of the game – puzzle-solving parts which are time-sensitive, and thus offer very little time for the player to solve them as these run exponentially quicker on contemporary machines. It also allows the user to copy the Grim Fandango EXE file from the game’s CD so the user does not have to insert the disc, which, in time can cause unnecessary wear on the CD.

The Grim Fandango Launcher also provides the option to play in window mode, aside from the default full-screen setting. It gives the user access to the game’s debug or developer mode via the registry. It provides a summary of debug keys and related features in the aforementioned developer mode.