Gridspot (Proprietary)

Gridspot is a computer program, which allows its users to link their own computers to other computer systems around the world, which are also running Gridspot. This array of linked computers provides a combined computing power that may be harnessed for running applications. Gridspot enables users to run applications through short-lived compute instances, each compute instance being a Linux based virtual machine that users can SSH into.

Gridspot’s utilizes crowdsourced compute location. Upon Gridspot account creation, users are given set parameters by which they can bid for compute instances. Users can set maximums and minimums for different system attributes. Number of Physical Cores may be set from 1 to 4, Number of Logical Cores are from 1 to 8, Instance RAM are from 100 to up to 2140, and Download speed from 1.2 to 20Mbps. Gridspot compute instances will be running from different systems around the world so there will be some variations on the virtual machines.

Gridspot bids are set on a per physical-core hour basis. Users are given the option to customize the bid stat and end times. Usage maximums may be set as to maximum total spend in dollars, maximum total core hours, maximum simultaneous cores and maximum simultaneous instances. Users may also set their Minimum expected uptime. Gridspot may also require the users to set an SSH public key for authentification during instances.