Greenfoot 2.4.0

University of Kent (Shareware)

Greenfoot is a computer program developed for academic use, specifically for the the undergraduate and high school levels. The utility offers users with a Java development environment for 2D graphical applications. The main usage of this program is in the creation of interactive computer games and simulations. This is written in standard Java and provides a comprehensive set of visual and interactive tools for its users.

This program has many different visual tools that facilitate the learning of Java. With this utility, users have a means of sharing and discussing programming concerns with a global community of teachers and students. This platform gives users an experience that is founded on a text-based language. Greenfoot is compatible with computer systems running on Mac OSX, Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris, JVM, and Linux.

Greenfoot is easy to use and even beginners can easily make use of its features. Since it utilizes Java, a primary computer language that is widely used in industry and academics, this program has the power to write even the most sophisticated applications. The interface of this utility is a full IDE, which includes common tools such as auto-completion, project management, and syntax highlighting, among others. The user interface is specifically designed to facilitate easy completion of tasks.