GreenCloud Printer

ObviousIdea (Freeware)

GreenCloud Printer is a driver for the printer that helps users save money by conserving ink usage. It works with the printer connected to the computer so that users can preview documents before printing and save on paper and ink whenever possible. With the application, users can eliminate unnecessary pages before printing, combine contents into a single page, or print to PDF. The program also provides an option for 2-side printing to save on paper. GreenCloud Printer offers three types of ink saving settings. The application also keeps tracks of the user’s ink and paper savings. Badges are awarded when using the program, too. Users can upgrade to the paid version of the application to view the savings statistics in the form of a graph.

The GreenCloud Printer interface shows displays the output options on the left side of the window. Some of these are Print, Save as PDF, Send to Dropbox, Send by email, and Send to Google Docs. Users can also change the printing options on the same window. The panel at the bottom of the main window shows the current print job. It displays the number of pages set for printing, the number of sheets to be used, and the number of sheets saved.