Green Button

Green Button (Proprietary)

Green Button is a technology which allows consumers to view their electricity consumption. This is particularly relevant at this time when there is global drive for power conservation. The data that this innovation provides can be used by consumers, utilities and service or application providers to make decisions or products that are suited to their needs or their market. Some of the data which this utility provide include daily load profile for past month/year, gas, water usage profiles, monthly summary data and yearly summary data  presented with monthly breakdowns. It also allows comparison so it can be used to see if the intervention or program that a consumer implemented for his home is actually reaping the intended benefit. Consumers can even compete with Facebook friends in terms of who has saved the most energy in a month or year.

Green Button has a “Download my data” web utility, which provides consumers their electric consumption data at the common XML format. It is compatible with any computer, browser, and printer. It also has a “Connect my Data” function which serves as a model allowing consumers to share their information with third party service providers by providing them direct access to it. In this way, consumers do not need to login and download their files on a routine basis.