Alex NJ (Freeware)

GreedyTorrent is a download manager utility developed by Alex NJ. It is specifically designed to boost the BitTorrent upload ratio. It helps users manage trackers that implement a 1:1 trading ratio. This ratio means that the BitTorrent protocol recommends sharing at least an equal amount of user downloads. The program works by modifying the communication between trackers and the BitTorrent client and suppressing the standard amount of upload. The program supports several BitTorrent clients including uTorrent, BitLord, Azureus, and Azureus BitTyrant.

When installed, the application is enforced as a proxy to the tracker protocol of the used BitTorrent client. It sits silently in the system tray and automatically gets activated whenever BitTorrent makes a tracker request. The program is considered as a “set-once-and-forget” application. This means that it does not require configuration every single time a torrent file begins downloading. The program’s interface is clear-cut offering a small dialog box that contains all options needed to configure the upload ratio value. Users can configure the upload value to any number and it can be a ratio to the upload or download of the BitTorrent client. The dialog box also displays a log window at the bottom containing all activities done using the program.