GREED - Black Border

Clockstone Software GmbH (Proprietary)

GREED - Black Border is a hack n’ slash action role-playing developed by the company, Clockstone Software GmbH. It features a science fiction setting in a universe called GREED, wherein a futuristic colonial era is taking place. The five largest and most powerful forces in this universe are involved in an all-out war against the Ikarium, an extremely powerful element that has a limitless source of energy. The player takes on the role of a former elite military officer who has to engage in combat with the other factions to survive. Some of the enemies that the player will have to face include living fauna, robots, zombies, and other strange creatures.

Since GREED - Black Border also falls under the action RPG category, players get to spend points to upgrade their skills and abilities. In this game, the skill tree is composed of 10 active abilities, each of which is triggered by right-clicking the mouse. GREED also carries a wide selection of equipment and weapons for the characters such as body armors, helmets, and different types of guns. Weapons can be upgraded by choosing smaller components, but once the selected components are added to a weapon, it becomes a permanent part of it; therefore, the player must choose his/her upgrades wisely.