DayTerium (Freeware)

Great Secrets: Da Vinci is a hidden object game developed by DayTerium and published by Free Ride Games. The game’s plot revolves around the life of the famous Renaissance painter from his youth to his adulthood. His journey involves meeting other famous personalities of the age such as Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci and traveling to faraway lands such as Ancient China. In his exploits, he collects clues that aid him in discovering the Philosopher’s Stone, which is a legendary artifact that has the ability to transform any type of metal into gold, as well as reversing the aging process. The game features 14 chapters, in which the player is required to look for various items that are unrelated to the Philosopher’s Stone. Apart from finding hidden objects, the player also has to identify differences between two identical scenes and play several mini-games.

One of the things that players will learn in the game is that Da Vinci went on to live with his uncle, who tells him various tales about the Philosopher’s Stone. The next task is finding a given number of birds hidden all over the scene. Since each level has a time limit of ten minutes, the player has more than enough time to find them all. The game also offers nine hints per level, which can prove enormously helpful to the player in case s/he encounters difficulty finding the objects. Each chapter features one mini-game, which could be anything from memory games to matching games, in which the player must determine which of Da Vinci’s paintings an item belongs to. If the player makes too many unsuccessful clicks, s/he will not be allowed to click anything for 20 seconds. In other instances, there is more than one type of a particular object, and the player will have to guess which one the game is asking for.