Great Secrets - Da Vinci 1.03

Dayterium (Shareware)

Great Secrets – Da Vinci is a hidden object game where players are taken back to Da Vinci’s time. The storyline starts from Da Vinci’s days as an apprentice up to his older years. Players must look for different items in several locations. A list of items is displayed on the upper left side of the game window. Items that are already found are removed from the list. If the player is stuck, there is an option for a tip. Tips are unlimited, but they recharge after a minute. Aside from the main hidden object game, players must also complete other mini-games, such as a picture puzzle and spot the difference.

Other features of the game include the following:

• Features more than a thousand objects to find in different locations
• Offers six types of mini games to add variety
• Features the works of Da Vinci
• 14 different locations to visit
• Engaging storyline

Players must find all the items needed for the level in order to move on to the next one. The game is also timed, and players only have 10 minutes to find all the items in each scene. As the player moves to higher levels, there are more items on the list that must be found.