Great Photo

Everimaging (Shareware)

Great Photo is an application that allows the user to edit photos and images on the computer. It has the ability to recreate the picture and make it look realistic. Its technology called, “Big Aperture" allows producing the images with the “depth of field” effect. This feature is mostly seen in professional digital cameras. Through effects like highlights and shadows, it can make highly detailed images. Additionally, the program allows the user to control the picture's color. A color can be chosen to stand out against the other colors in the picture. If it is done, only a part of the picture is in that color, while the other parts are in black and white.

Great Photo has around 40 effects that can be used to modify a picture. These include Lomo, classic, and analog. Additionally, borders can be added at the corner of the pictures. There are 20 available borders that can be applied.

The program also supports simple editing. Cutting and cropping can be performed immediately. Other editing tools can be used to edit the pictures in more advanced ways. The user also has the ability to put multiple images together and turn it to a collage. A collage can have up to 9 pictures.