Grassland 3D Screensaver 1.0

3Planesoft (Proprietary)

Grassland 3D Screensaver is an application that changes the computer’s screensaver to a 3-dimensional view of a field of grass. The screensaver is activated whenever the system has been idle for a set number of minutes. The number of minutes can be changed under screensaver options. The screensaver shows a view of a grassland with colorful butterflies fluttering by. There is also a big tree that can be seen from afar. The white clouds on the blue sky roll by as the camera pans. The screensaver is accompanied by soothing background music and sound effects.

This screensaver’s settings can be changed in the options window. Some of the settings that can be changed include the video quality and resolution and if the video must be played in widescreen version. There are also options for the background music and the sound effects. Users have the option to set the volume by using the sliders provided. There is also a checkbox for enabling or disabling the sounds. Users can exit the screensaver by moving the mouse cursor, but there is also an option to disable this so that users can still view the screensaver even when the mouse has been moved.