Monogram Multimedia (Freeware)

GraphStudio was created by Monogram Multimedia as a free software program for designers who work with DirectShow technology in Microsoft Windows. This program looks more like the original GraphEdit.

GraphStudio basically follows the format and the features of GraphEdit; however, the former contains new features that are not found in the latter. This application offers a list of recently used files for source purposes and sink filters that would provide extra help to developers. There are also featured shortcuts to add commonly used filters the easier way. An events window is available to make easy viewing of files under any project.

The application also caters a categorized array of favorite filters, including the internal dump filter. The program also offers a customizable event scheduler for easy management of data and tasks to be done. There is also a graph screenshot into the clipboard.  

Other features of this application include generating text reports with multiple level of details for more informative reports, and also detailed information on media types, filter, pin, and associated format structures for faster grasp of users. Unlike GraphEdit, it also detects broken registry entries and offers easier graph construction.

GraphStudio also has the new “copy” button links on the clipboard together with the “delete selection” choice added on the filter context menu. This is allowed through registry editing permissions. The file name may also be fixed in a “text information” form and may also come with a small form redesign.