Graphmatica for Win32 2.0i

kSoft, Inc. (Shareware)

Graphmatica for Win32 is an educational software developed by kSoft and released on May 2012. This program comes with an Equation plotter that features calculus and numerical elements. Graphmatica for Win32 features six graphing styles—polar, Cartesian, parametric, initial value approximations, slope-field approximations, and even Cartesian inequalities. It utilizes a powerful graphing engine that features instantaneous graphing recognition. This program enables users to graph Cartesian functions, inequalities, and relations. Users may create and modify multiple graphs for as many as 25 active graphs.

Graphmatica for Win32 features a Redraw Queue that enables users to recall the last 999 equations that the program used. These equations may be from typed-in equations or from client-loaded files. This program also features an advanced equation parser which can be configured to follow mathematical rules instead of computer rules. This allows users to utilize implied multiplication or consider mathematical functions like trigonometry.

Graphmatica for Win32 features several customization options. This program features custom fonts, custom font colors, and fixed color printing. This program also supports Copy to Clipboard functionality. Copied files are saved in EMF, WMF, or Bitmap format. Users may save their work in a word processor program or any text editor. These may then be recalled for later sessions. This program features a Button bar and demo help files. Users may also access online help from inside the program.