Graph paper printer

Philippe Marquis (Shareware)

Graph paper printer is a computer program that is meant to be used to print a variety of paper designs for home and business use. Some of the design types that this utility can produce include pattern papers, manuscripts, music sheets, and graph papers.

This program stands out with its capability to produce printouts with well-defined colors. This application is particularly known for effectively printing blank sheets of graphing paper. For some users, this program negates the need to run to the mall to purchase graphing paper for homework and other assignments.

One of the best features of Graph paper printer is that the design can be configured to fit the user’s requirements. Here are the myriad of options available with Graph paper printer:
• Mercator grids
• Music tablatures and manuscripts
• Diagrams (hexagonal, triangular, axonometric, dot, polar)
• Linear and non-linear scales

This is a program created by Philippe Marquis and is easy to use because of its simple design. Graph paper printer provides the user with paper with the particular graph design that they need for a project. Prior to printing, the user has to make adjustments based on the paper size. This tool has prepared values that the user has to choose based on the type of paper that they require.