RAD Game Tools, Inc. (Shareware)

Granny is a 3D program that is developed for game animation and design, as well as other interactive 3D applications. It has a comprehensive asset of tools that allows programmers to process, export, and animate game characters. It comes with an integrated Animation Studio that lets artists specify character behavior, build blend-graphs, sync to events, and do similar tasks without having to write code. Programmers will also find it easy to integrate their custom codes into the Animation Studio.

Granny’s features include the following:
• Hierarchical state machine – this allows users to specify a character’s behavior as a connected graph of different animation states. These can be connected with transitions that manage how the character moves from one behavior to the next.
• Versatility and flexibility – the application’s customizable exporter, 3D toolkit, preprocessing framework, and state machine editor make it a tool that can be used in many different animation tasks and 3D game programming.
• Export 3D content – this application has content exporters that allow users to set their preferences per object, material, or texture manually or automatically.
• Run-time library – this features a character animation system that has support for b-spline-based animation playback, inverse kinematics, animation blending, animation modification, as well as routines for skeletal deformation.

This application also lets users manage camera movement, 3d engine development, and standard ray-casting operations.