Grand Theft Auto IV

Rockstar Games (Proprietary)

Grand Theft Auto IV is an open-world action adventure computer game developed and published by Rockstar Games. It was released in April 2008. Grand Theft Auto IV is a revamp of the Grand Theft Auto game series set in fictional Liberty City. It follows the life of Eastern Europe war veteran, Niko Bellic, who gets entangled in crimes and gangs in his search of the American Dream. Grand Theft Auto IV features third person shooter and driving games. This game also features RAGE and Euphoria game engines. The Euphoria game engine features bio-mechanics and artificial intelligence, as well as providing for the open non-linear gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto IV gameplay features a massive open-world environment that allows players to roam about freely and interact with game elements. The main player can jump, walk, run, climb, and even swim. Players can also manipulate weapons, vehicles, and perform hand-to-hand combat. Grand Theft Auto IV features missions that follow the storyline and must be completed to open new missions. However, there are side missions that may be completed instead of the main storyline mission. Side missions consist of street races and police hunts. Some missions feature morality choices which feature two alternative game endings depending on the player’s choices.

Grand Theft Auto IV gunfights feature a third-person system. It allows players to aim freely, fire blindly, and move between covers. The player’s health is displayed on screen by a green semi-circle icon. The game also features a mini map which is particularly useful when Niko is driving vehicles. This game also features a multiplayer mode consisting of 15 game modes. It can support up to 32 players at one time.