Grand Theft Auto

DMA Design Ltd. (Freeware)

Grand Theft Auto is an action adventure video game that was released in 1997. It is the first game in the Grand Theft Auto series of games. Players assume the role of a criminal who must do several missions around the city including robbing banks, assassinating a certain individual, and other criminal acts. The game is divided into different levels. Players must reach a certain number of points in order to advance to the next one. Upon completing missions, new missions are unlocked and players gain more rewards. While performing tasks for crime syndicates, players must avoid being caught. Also, players who are attacked without armor are killed. The game takes places in three different cities – Liberty City, Vice City, and San Andreas.

• Vice City – This city is based on Miami. There are Colombian, European, and Caribbean communities in the city. It is a city of retired professionals and drug dealers.
• Liberty City – Liberty city is based on New York City. It has a reputation for being a violent city where organized crime is rampant.
• San Andreas – San Andreas is based on San Francisco. The city has a Japanese, Chinese, and Korean population. This is the home of the Chinese organized crime.

Players are free to roam around the location. Aside from completing missions, players can also acquire points by causing chaos around the city or by stealing cars. Grand Theft Auto features eight characters – four men and four women. Players are free to choose their own character, but they all have the same characteristics.