Grand Theft Auto 2

Rockstar North (Proprietary)

Grand Theft Auto 2 (GTA 2) is an open world, action-adventure game first released in 1999. It is the direct sequel to the Grand Theft Auto video game released in 1997. The game is set in a retrofuturistic city called Anywhere USA divided into three districts – Downtown, Residential and Industrial districts. There are seven criminal gangs in the city with each district having three gangs each (the Zaibatsu gang is present in all districts).

In this game, the player is a criminal who takes on different missions tasked by major idols or kingpins. Completing these missions enables the player to attain a higher rank in the city’s organized crime. It also enables the player to advance through the storyline. In GTA 2, the main goal is to accumulate a certain score to reach a new level. Each mission completed provides more points. An added feature in GTA is the ability to do missions for different gangs. This could create problems between gangs. New type of law enforcements (e.g. SWAT, army, special agents, etc.) are introduced in the game as well. These added law enforcements start chasing the player once he reaches a higher “wanted” level. The game also features side missions like being a bus driver or taxi driver along with obtaining Wang Cars or hidden packages.