Grand Adventures Demo

Telltale Games (Freeware)

Grand Adventures is a 3D point-and-click game based on the characters of the clay animation series Wallace and Gromit. The game collection consists of four episodes, and follows the inventor Wallace and his dog Gromit as they embark on adventures with hilarious complications. Players are tasked to help the pair set things right in their adventures by solving puzzles. Players need to communicate with all of the characters they meet in the story to get clues and even find objects that will be useful in different situations.

In the first episode, Wallace and Gromit have to deal with a swarm of big and angry bees and find a way to stop them from terrorizing the whole town. The second episode features the pair’s venture into creating a holiday resort right in their cellar. In the third episode, man and dog attempt to stop an evil person from stealing money while saving the stray dogs he abused. In the last episode, Wallace and Gromit strive to save their whole town from being destroyed in favor of a golf course.

The demo version of the game contains a playable scene from the first episode of the game. The trial version also features a tutorial to teach beginners how to play the game and immerse players in the story of Wallace and Gromit. It also lets players unlock the entire game after purchasing an activation key. The game is simple and intuitive, and is suitable for players of all ages and skill levels.