Grammatica Application 2.0.2

Shout Out Media ApS (Shareware)

Grammatica is a simple application that is used for learning or teaching the Russian language. The program focuses on teaching users how to write, read, speak, and teach the Russian language.

• Writing – The program teaches users to write in Russian by changing the typed letters into Cyrillic as the user types. This enables users to get used to the Latin letters’ counterpart in Cyrillic. It also corrects users in spelling and adds soft and hard signs to text.
• Reading – Grammatica teaches users to read in Russian by adding notes on grammar and providing stress marks to words. The program does not only translate text, but it also provides users the information they need to know in order to understand the text.
• Speaking – For learning how to speak, the application adds stress marks to words so that users will know how to pronounce words correctly. It also provides a word reference popup, which gives details on the exact pronunciation of the word.
• Teaching – The program comes with different tools for helping teachers create lesson plans when teaching the Russian language. It allows users to highlight text, make glossaries for teaching, and add stress marks to text.

Any type of text can be imported to the application. It can be news articles, text from websites, and messages from contacts.