GrabIt - Binary Usenet downloading Made Easy

Ilan Shemes (Freeware)

GrabIt is a newsreader and content downloader program developed by Ilan Shemes solely for Usenet clients. This program provides access to Usenet newsgroups. It can be used for browsing and searching Usenet contents without having to download headers. It also features automatic extract and repair of downloaded binaries allowing users to leave their pc while waiting for the download files to be ready. This application offers SSL secure connection support. It can fully encrypt all the users’ traffic to Usenet server.

After selecting binary attachments, GrabIt will perform other tasks such as downloading and decoding the files. The program is also capable of downloading and decoding several articles (up to 8 articles) simultaneously. Pause function is also available in this program, which can free up bandwidth when downloading multiple files. The program offers Advanced Error Checking as well. This feature is used for tracking incoming data for possible errors while downloading the files. Multiple server support is also featured in this application. Utilizing multiple news servers within a single session is possible with GrabIt. It can also be used to view processes in a single view using the program’s Batch Overview feature. This feature will display the download speed, bytes, items, exact status of the batches and time downloaded/remaining.