ASUS (Bundled)

GPU Tweak is an overclocking software utility developed by ASUS and released in June 2012. Overclocking refers to the process of optimizing a component to operate faster than the manufacturer’s specified clock frequency. One component that can be overclocked is a graphic processing unit. GPU Tweak targets this very component. This utility can overclock up to four graphic cards.

GPU Tweak features a black and red futuristic interface. The left panel shows the computer status as to GPU temperature, memory temperature, GPU voltage, Core clock, and memory clock. Users can check the status of the system’s processes before and after overclocking using this. The main GPU Tweak user interface features the customizable settings including Core clock speed, core voltage, memory clock, and fan speed, among others. Users can set the maximum levels for the settings that the system may use. The left tool bar shows icons for Tuning, Live Update, Settings, and Info. Users may create overclocking profiles and save up to six profiles.  

GPU Tweak features automatic checking of BIOS versions and drivers. It also provides detailed information as to the different graphic cards utilized by the system. GPU Tweak also features a 2D/3D switcher, which allows users to set the card in 3D lock to get higher benchmark results. It also features a monitoring widget that users may customize as to which parameter to track.