GPUShark Application (Freeware)

GPUShark is a free software application that helps users check the status of their graphic cards. In particular, the program monitors the performance of ATI Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce cards, which allows the user to respond and adjust the amount of tasks that he or she is doing that affects GPU performance.

As a monitoring utility, the program taps into all the GPU processes of a computer and shows the load and activity of all units on a single window. Basic details o the status of the graphic cards that are being used now, such as the memory used, shader, and fan speed are quantified and shown on screen. The detailed viewing mode of GPU Shark shows detailed information on the GPU processes. Some of the notable data that the application reveals include the GPU temperature, the number of GPU cores and the actual amount that is being utilized, and regulatory information such as the sub vendor brand, BIOS version, and memory size, to name a few.

As the data are clearly labeled on the program, minimal background knowledge of how computers work is required for the user to understand the real time data shown on screen. At the same time, as the program uses negligible system resources, most users leave the application running in the background.