GPU Temp (Freeware)

GPU Temp is an application primarily used for displaying and monitoring the GPU’s temperature. The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) accelerates and enhances the display of images onscreen by managing the computer’s memory. GPU Temp checks the temperature of the computer to show the user how resources are used, as well as display internal temperature changes generated by system resource and memory usage. The application's temperature data is monitored in real time. This means it changes every time there is a change in the PC's core temperature.

Aside from showing the internal temperature in degrees, a color-based system also shows temperature increase and reduction. For example, there is the option to set a color when the internal temperature a certain degree. The program can be minimized and closed. Even when closed, it stays in the system tray. This allows the user easier access to the application as it does not have to be relaunched. This also signifies that the application can run in the background, while the user is doing other tasks in other windows. The program's user interface is a tiny window where all the GPU data is displayed at the upper portion of the screen. Clicking on one GPU lets the user see its temperature every second. Visual aid is provided by a graph, which can be found at the lower portion of the interface.