GPU Caps Viewer (Freeware)

GPU Caps Viewer is a program used for viewing graphics card information. It is mainly used for monitoring the graphics card activity. The application provides a view of the configuration of the graphic cards such as GPU type, driver’s version, video memory and more. It is also capable of displaying the primary OpenGL capabilities including texture size, OpenGL version, texture units and more. Aside from this, it also displays all the OpenCL API extensions and support. This program also enables users to open the description webpage for all the extensions. This is available at the NVIDIA’s OpenGL Extensions spec or OpenGL Extension Registry.

GPU Caps Viewer can also display system configuration including system memory, CPU speed and type, PhysX version and operating system. It can also show the temperature of GPU core. The application features Stability Test or GPU Burner. This feature enables the GPU to overheat in order to measure the stability of the graphics card. Aside from these main functions, the program also provides a list of links associated with the graphics card including graphics card and graphics driver reviews. These links are updated regularly. The program also offers a complete report in XML and text format. This report provides an outline of the graphics system. There’s also the graphics card validation feature. This feature allows the program to send the data of the graphics card to server. The server will then send a validation web page link to the user.