GpsViewer 2.6.1

Andreas Kardos (Freeware)

GpsViewer is a simple but useful computer utility that presents pertinent data to the user such as time, location, speed, and moving direction. This program runs on most phones available in the market today, for as long as they fulfill the minimum requirements, which are access to Bluetooth or serial interface, and supports CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0.  In this program, access is allowed via JSR 82 Bluetooth or the serial interface (data cable).

The Options button gives the user the choice of connection mode. If the mobile phone used has Bluetooth connectivity, then this is the preset option. Users who want to, or have no Bluetooth function must use the data cable option. Another preset option in this utility is the NMEA default value of 4800 Bit/s. User preferences are quickly saved with a click on the OK button.

GpsViewer is a freeware that features a Network/Internal connection mode, which utilized the JSR 179 Location API. This function does not require an external GPS receiver to work. Either the network provider or the GPS receiver identifies the details of the current location of the user. GpsViewer also allows the user to activate altitude correction. Other parameters that may be adjusted include the backlight levels, which may be accessed using the function key.