GPSMapEdit 2.0 (Freeware)

GPSMapEdit’s central function is to help navigation systems create custom maps. The program features the efficient loading and viewing of vector maps in the “Polish format.” The information in these maps are then compared to different geodetic data like those found in raster maps, GPS tracks, Google Maps, and waypoints. GPSMapEdit may be used to visualize and edit POI custom data imported to navigation systems like Lowrance, ALAN, Garmin, Navitel Navigator, and Holux.

A Polish format is the input language of geodetic data - shown as open and documented text files (those having .txt or .mp extensions) - into binary Garmin IMG files. Using GPSMapEdit, vector maps in this format may be converted to ALAN, Holux, Magellan, Lowrance, Navital, and other formats that share its characteristics.

GPSMapEdit is a visual authoring tool for GPS maps in several kinds of cartographic formats, such as Lowrance, MapCreate, CityGuide, Garmin MapSource, and Navitel Navigator. Cartographic formats such as ALAN Map 500/600, Navikey 7 Ways, and Holux MapShow are also supported. It is also designed to customize speedcams and POIs for Garmin POI Loader, TomTom OV2, iGO, and Navitel Navigator. The application is also used to load and convert GPS tracks, routes, and waypoints in formats including Garmin, Magellan Nokia, OziExplorer, Holux, and ALAN. Other formats are also supported, among them are JPEG 2000, JPG, ECW, BMP, and PBG.