GeoVisu team - (Freeware)

GpsDiffuser is an application that focuses on the diffusion of GPS data and playback of files that contain GPS information. It has a real time navigation mode and a replay mode. This application can display the replay information for GPS data, including the factor, mode, distance travelled in kilometers, and the tracking duration. Distance and duration data cover those from the beginning of tracking to the current position, and the application calculates these automatically. This tool also shows the NMEA information, such as latitude, longitude, speed, altitude, number of satellites used, and the direction of travel. If the speed is not available among the input data, the application calculates it automatically.

There are three main menus provided by GpsDiffuser. These are File, GPS, and Diffusion. Users can load a file that contains GPS data from the file menu, or exit the program by clicking the Quit button. The GPS menu covers the navigation aspect of the program, and it is here where users can switch on or off the real time navigation feature. Switching on this feature shows the navigation screen. Users can also record the GPS data in a navigation log from this menu. Users can see the diffusion addresses from the last menu, and it is here where they can activate or deactivate the program’s diffusion feature. As the program’s main function, diffusion is activated by default.