GPSBabel 1.44

GPSBabel.oRg (Freeware)

GPSBabel is software that can read GPS waypoints in several formats. It can write, transfer, and even track GPS waypoints. After that process, the software will proceed to convert it into other GPS data formats. It can manipulate data extensively, making it very useful as a backend for some tools. The software has 2 kinds of interface – command line and graphical. It is available on multiple operating systems. Among them are Linux, Mac, and Windows.

GPSBabel has a number of uses. First, it can help in building routes for mapping software. Geocaching and conversion can be done in the web browser. It also supports multiple languages. Among them are German, Italian, Russian, and English. There is better visualization of dense-filled areas because of improvements to Google Earth sync. The tool is very handy when converting formats to other formats. For example if converting KML format to be viewed in Google Earth, GPSBabel will get the job done. The software is very popular with the Geocaching enthusiast for its ability to enable them to share data that are otherwise incompatible. It also facilitates making GPS units become viewable in multiple formats, such as in Google Earth.

The software is open-source. Anyone who wants to contribute to the development of the program is free to do so.