GPS TrackMaker 13.8

Geo Studio Technology (Shareware)

The GPS TrackMaker is a real-time navigation program that uses GPS data treatment and mapping. It permits bidirectional (simultaneously opposite) flow of data between the user’s PC and GPS receiving devices. Using this program, the user can completely edit data and store them in TXT, GTM, and other formats.

Global Positioning System operates using 24 satellites that orbit. These satellites bring back signals to the earth. These signals are information sent to GPS receivers. This lets the GPS compute the current position and direction of a given subject on the ground. The more signals received by the GPS receivers, the more accurate is the GPS information. Data stored in receivers can be transported to a computer in the form of routes, tracklogs, and waypoints. The GPS Trackmaker functions to recognize such data so that the user can edit them.

The program allows the user to make vector-based background maps. These maps can quickly open on the screen without using up much of the PC’s memory. Only the maps displayed on the screen use up the memory. Names of buildings, streets, avenues, lakes, rivers, and other components are automatically labelled and shown on the screen. With the trackmaker, the user can download and upload waypoints, routes, and tracklogs. Map images can be calibrated into JPEG, BMP, WMF, GIF, and EMF. Fully integrated with Google Earth, the software enables the importing and exporting of KML files (files containing geographical data in an Earth browser).