GPS Image Tracker

Sony Corporation (Shareware)

Sony Corporation is an international company best known for consumer electronics. Aside from their television sets and the iconic Walkman range of music players, they are also popular for portable gadgets such as digital cameras. In support of the latter, the company has developed supplementary software in the form of the GPS Image Tracker. This does not only come as an external software add-on to their line of digital cameras but also as an updated program that can be applied to various Sony image applications.

The GPS Image Tracker application works in conjunction with the GPS Image Tracker digital camera attachment for Sony cameras. The application can also be used to process JPEG files even if these come from a different source. To use the program, the user simply has to install it from a compact disc. The CD is formatted to install the application automatically. Aside from the data on the disc, users can also download and install the necessary updates from the main Sony website to add features and options to their gadgets. When installed, the program will allow its users to use the tracking system on any digital camera. Aside from the coordinates for device tracking, time stamps will also be added onto images taken when the GPS tracker is turned on.