GPRSWizard Application

Project-China Mobile Net (Shareware)

The GPRS Wizard Application allows users to access the Internet using their cell phones or an SGH-Q100 phone and turn it as a modem. GPRS technology enables mobile users to receive and send data through the help of the mobile network. Through this technology, users can receive and transmit data over the Internet. Through this application, the user’s device becomes wireless connector that enables him or her to access the following features:

• WAP facility – Wireless Application Protocol, a standard information access using a WAP browser or a Web browser that can be used for e-mailing through mobile, checking for news and other information online, and for downloading multimedia files.
• Multimedia messaging service – It allows users to send and receive pictures, text, and ringtones in which SMS is unable to do.
• JAVA application downloads – This enables users to play games with enhanced sounds and sound effects.
• GPRS dialing program – This is the Internet and e-mail services that enable users to browse the Internet and send/receive e-mails using their mobile devices.

This application sets up a device to enable its GPRS functionality to allow users to connect online. It is an easy-to-use tool in which users need only to follow the on-screen instructions  for a successful GPRS-enabling process.