Digital Electronics Corp. (Shareware)

GP-Pro EX is a software which allows users to edit HMI (Human Machine Interface) screens while also performing logic programming. It assists novice programmers by providing a step-by-step procedure of the development process as well as a collection of application development tools, diagnostic features and simulation capabilities. It enables creation of highly detailed screens, remote monitoring of sites in real-time mode, enhanced checking of on-site statuses, and appropriate past screens and sample parts.
It also has the capability to share graphics to other developers.

The features of this software includes design sample, alarm analysis, enhanced recipes, sampling in different device formats, searching or sorting alarm and sample history, and alarm history banner quality.The parts of the design sample can be downloaded from the website. The Alarm analysis feature allows users to identify areas with errors.  To view the errors, users need to select the alarm message. This triggers the software to start a call function to seek all errors. The errors are displayed in chronological order for easy browsing. Searching, sorting and finding items for samples are made easy with the use of parameters such as <, = and <. The Alarm History Banner Quality displays the details of the error so it can be easily assessed and fixed.