Citrix Online, LLC (Freeware)

GoView, now known as GoToMeeting, is a screencasting tool developed by Citrix. Screencasting is used to create demos about how to use a particular program or navigate a website. The application records everything that is happening on the user’s screen, and captures mouse movements, text typed from the keyboard, and program and webpage transitions. This application allows users to record videos or demos from their computers, and Citrix will then host the videos. This program is simple and easy to use, which makes it ideal for beginners in screencasting.

Users can simply press the record button on the program to begin their recording session. A stop button ends the recording. After recording, the program takes the user to the GoView website. From the website, users can add a description and a title to their recorded video. Users can also cut out sections of their recorded screencasts and preview their video. Users are also given the option to protect their recorded video with a password. If video editing is needed further, users can simply download their videos from the website and edit these using their own video editing program.

The recorded screencasts are stored online in a secure data center developed by Citrix. Users can share their screencasts immediately; because these are streamed from an online source, converting or attaching these to an email message is not necessary.