I Sioux B.V. (Proprietary)

Texas Hold ‘em Poker has taken the world by storm. The sequel to the first Governor of Poker provides virtual poker enthusiasts with a fresh new take on a familiar game. It is a game with many flavors. There are elements of role-playing games in it, and the card game aspect is, of course, very present. There are also other interesting and challenging goals to achieve in this new installment of the Governor of Poker series. The game puts players against several realistic opponents across many different and challenging levels of gameplay. Players face these challenges to achieve the ultimate goal of being the new governor.

The game’s storyline is fairly simple, but it contains many interesting challenges. There is a new governor in Texas and he wants to put a ban on the game of poker forever. The game puts players in the shoes of a poker player that bets his way through the ranks to get to the new governor and overthrow his new ruling on everyone’s favorite card game. Fighting the ban, the player then moves on to becoming one of the most notorious and infamous players in the state of Texas. The player challenges virtual players in several game modes spanning 27 poker locations in 19 cities. There are several awards and achievements to be unlocked along the way as well. The game allows players to customize their character with new hats, suits and other clothing.