Gothic Multiplayer

Gothic Multiplayer Team (Proprietary)

Gothic Multiplayer is a free product that is originally intended as an add-on to “Gothic II: Night of the Raven.” As such, the developers highly recommend that in order for this program to run optimally, the user needs to have a copy of the game. This utility allows users to interact with Gothic fans wherever they are in the world.

Gothic Multiplayer is a game that belongs to the multi-player genre. It requires an Internet connection to be launched and played. This offer from the Gothic Multiplayer Team is set exclusively in the fictional game world of Gothic. The program gives Gothic followers the chance to participate in battles and epic wars, discover the exquisite fantasy world of Gothic, and engage in one adventure after another. The game affords the player with a wide array of activities and possibilities such as hunting dragons, going into quests, and dancing in the rain for those who like to do so.

Gothic Multiplayer by Gothic Multiplayer Team is the product of the concerted efforts a small but fully dedicated group of people. In itself, it is also small in terms of size and does not take up too much computer space. This tool is designed to be easy to launch and implement.