GOTCHA! 3.06

Prescient Systems (Shareware)

GOTCHA! 3.06 is a surveillance program that can be used by anyone—even individuals with the most rudimentary understanding of computer and surveillance programs. This security system is of the type that is triggered to function by motion. Once activated, this utility can record moving images without fail.

GOTCHA! 3.06 is a stable system that can publish images to a site and send alerts via email. The site will serve as a handy storage location for images that are continually being updated. This application records only time periods with activity. It can also put a time stamp on the video files to record events as they happen.

This application also has the capability to play an audio file when somebody enters the vicinity. In addition, it is also capable of masking movements that are unwanted and can also schedule the monitoring using a timer.

GOTCHA! 3.06 is by Prescient Systems is stealthy enough and only appears like a blue dot on the taskbar. When this dot on the taskbar is clicked on, the system will request for a password for access. It is being offered for a 30-day trial for the unregistered version of the program. A multi-camera version of this utility is able to provide higher-level security.