Metropolis software (Proprietary)

Gorky17 is combat action adventure game that is set during the war between America and Russia. The game has two distinct names: Odium, which is released in North America; and Gorky 17, which is released in Europe. The game is played in solo or single player RPG (role playing game) mode.

The opening cinematic scene shows the bombing of the city with the code name Gorky 17, destroying every creature in the area. After the event, the NATO or North Atlantic Treaty Organization deploys a unit called Team One to the town of Lubin, where a suspected top secret laboratory is said to have been built by the Russians. The three main characters Cole Sullivan (the leader), Jarek Ovitz, and Thiery Trantigne are part of Team One. The task of the team is to find out what happened to the strike team that NATO HQ sent to Gorky 17 to check what really happened in the area.

The game mixes up different game genres, like action, brawling, horror, and adventure. Classical graphics are also being adopted by the game. There are boss levels to finish as well. Players will also experience new layers or map designs in every level.

The team will get to face different kinds of enemies, including grotesquely-mutated abominations, for which they would need super ammo to face them. The mutated enemies were the result of the experimentation of the Russians.