Alfa.NetSoft (Proprietary)

GooReader is used for reading and downloading publications from Google Books. The application allows users to simulate reading a real book on the desktop. Users can save bookmarks, search text on pages, make annotations on passages, and zoom in on pages. The application can also be used as an ebook manager. Users can create a library that consists of all the ebooks and PDF documents stored in the computer. After downloading content, the program automatically gets the book’s metadata. Ebooks and other publications can be rearranged on the interface by dragging and dropping. GooReader can be used to access the user’s Google Library account online. Ebooks that are stored in the online account can be added to the local library, too.

The program also has display options. Some of the settings that can be changed include the number of results shown when the user searches, the resolution of the PDF file, and the page width. Users can also search for ebooks straight from GooReader.

Here are the other features of the GooReader program:
• Access hundreds of ebooks from Google Books
• Page scrolling effect
• Download Google Books to PDF
• Synchronize online library and local library
• Read ebooks online and offline