Google Web Accelerator 0.2.70

Google (Freeware)

Google Web Accelerator 0.2.70 is an application launched in 2005, which allows users to load their Internet pages faster. There are several ways by which this application makes loading faster. It sends the page requests through highly specialized Google machines dedicated to handling requests made by users who have installed this software. In this case, it creates a traffic that is specific to this program only, making pages load faster. It stores copies of pages, which are frequently opened on the computer and just adds the updates to that page if there are only minute changes since the last time it was opened. It also fetches some pages in advance, manages the Internet connection, and compresses the data prior to sending it to the computer.

Google Web Accelerator 0.2.70 is easy to use. Users will just need to install the software and then are expected to see that the Internet pages they try to open load faster than before. It gives information on how much time the user has saved using the software. It also offer other functions such as Help, Preferences, and Performance data. With a simple right-click action, the user can disable the accelerator software on selected websites  or stop it entirely. The program was discontinued in January 2008.