Google Quick Search Box

Google Inc. (Freeware)

Google Quick Search Box, or simply GQSB, is a desktop search utility and application launch program developed by Google. It was first launched on January 12, 2009 as a developer preview. The program is solely made for Mac OS X computers. It works as both a location bar and a search box. It allows searching of URLs, files and contacts on Mac computers. It is also used for performing certain actions, which can be applied on the search results. This includes opening the searched file, getting info and moving to trash. GQSB utilizes Mac OS X’s Spotlight, its own built-in indexing technology. It also offers plug-in APIs allowing, which can be used to add both action plug-ins and search result plug-ins.

Google Quick Search Box offers a variety of plug-ins that adds functionality to the program. It offers Bookmarks from popular web browsers such as Safari, Firefox, and Camino. A plug-in that shows definitions from the OS dictionary is also available. Other known plug-ins available for this program includes a result of simple calculations as well as integration with Picasa and Google Drive. A support for searching in Google Calendars is available as well. The program also features auto-complete URLs. There is also the Site Search feature, which can be used to search online.