Google Hacks 1.6.5

Jason Stalings (Freeware)

Google Hacks is one application that allows the user to search any of Google’s services without the need to access their web pages. The program lets the user pick any search type which include videos, musics, books, applications, proxy, tools, lyrics, torrent, fonts, caches, hacks, and web hosting. In turn, these categories have added options which can be opened to close in on the search to make it more specific. The user needs to code in the search string and click Search to automatically open the default browser to do the search.

When searching for a particular song, for instance, the user chooses the section for Music and the correct file type (OGG, WMA, MP3, and others). Searching specific videos can be done by selecting the Video option along with the right file type. Books are also found through their extension types (lit, doc, pdf, txt, chm, rar, odt, rtf, zip, or pps). Searching for song lyrics is done by choosing the artist’s name or the song’s title. Fonts for documents or graphics use can be found by typing the search query in the program. Looking for specific application programs or utilities is done by choosing the option for Application and the program’s file type (rar, exe, ddl or zip).