Google Earth

Google (Freeware)

Google Earth is a virtual globe program that was initially released last June 2005. It is an application that allows users to explore the world’s geographical content. It creates a virtual representation of the globe where one can see global changes with years and decades of historic imagery. If you are curious about what your neighborhood used to be and how your city has changed through time, Google Earth gives you access to what has been.

With Google Earth, you can also explore the world’s oceans. You can dive all the way to the seafloor and look at exclusive content from its channel partners like National Geographic. You can also share your paths with other people and track their paths via GPS. By simply turning its touring feature on, you can take a step further and record a free-form version of your online voyage. You can even stylize your journey by adding narrations or soundtracks.

Google Earth is also helpful when searching for business locations. You can view buildings in 3D. You can even add your own buildings. Moreover, navigating through outer space is possible with Google Earth, too. Constellations, galaxies, and other spatial information may be seen as well. You can easily zoom in and out. It has a fade-in animation for imagery as information is fetched.