Google Drive 1.14.6059.0644

Google (Shareware)

Google Drive is a file storage service that was released in April 2012. Free users of Google Drive are given 5 Gb of online storage. Users can get additional space of up to 16 Tb for a fee. In Google Drive, users can share, collaborate, and work on presentations and spreadsheets. Changes can be made by several users and the changes can be seen immediately. Google Drive is also synced with other Google services, such as Gmail and Google +.

Google Drive also allows users to view any type of file right on the web browser window. This can be done even if the program used to create the file is not installed on the computer. In addition, users can install and user a wide selection of applications that are compatible with Google Drive. Some of these include Graphing Calculator, Zoho Writer, Smartsheet Project Management, Drive Tunes, Drive Notepad, and many more. These are available from the Chrome Web Store.

Users have the options to share files with other users or keep them private. There are several privacy settings that users can set to allow editing, viewing, and commenting on documents. The program tracks all the changes made within the documents. Each revision is saved and users can track changes and view revisions done from as far as 30 days back.