Google Desktop

Google (Freeware)

Google Desktop is a desktop tool that allows users to have several useful gadgets located on the desktop. There are some pre-installed gadgets that come with the application. These are:

• Email – The email gadget displays a list of Gmail messages that the signed-in user receives. This allows users to keep track of incoming messages without accessing their email account from the web browser.
• Weather – The weather gadget can be customized by the user to show a specific location’s current weather condition.
• Google Talk – Google Talk also comes with the program. It is an instant messaging application that allows users to chat with their Gmail contacts.
• News – The News gadget displays a feed of news posts coming from Google News. Users can customize this gadget to display only news stories about topics they are interested in reading about.
• Photos – The photos gadget shows a slideshow of photos and images that are saved in a folder on the computer. The default location is the “My Pictures” folder, but this location can be changed.

The gadgets from Google Desktop can be docked in different locations on the desktop depending on the user’s preferences. It can also be hidden from view. Google Desktop was discontinued in 2011.