Google Chrome Portable 26.0.1410.64 (Freeware)

Google Chrome Portable is the portable version of the Google Chrome web browser. Since it is portable, it can be saved to a USB device or an external hard drive and launched on different computers. Once the device is connected to a computer, the user just needs to launch the program for it to run since it does not need to be installed in the system. The web browser’s address bar also serves as the search field. It has a tabbed interface that allows several websites to be launched on the same web browser window. The different websites are separated with tabs and switching to a website can be done by clicking on its tab.

Additional features of the Google Chrome Portable include the following:

• Free themes can be downloaded to change the look of the browser window
• Provides thumbnails for websites that are often visited
• Incognito mode allows the user to surf websites privately
• Settings for the standard Google Chrome can be imported to the portable version
• Support for creating shortcuts for web applications

Google Chrome Portable does not leave the user’s password and other log-in information on the system where the portable hard drive was connected.